Drinks With
Real Tequila

Grab your friends
and your Dos Locos!

Dos Locos means Two Crazies in Spanish, so if you’re looking to have a crazy good time with friends, get your hands on some refreshing Dos Locos cocktails and Dos Locos Seltzers! Made with real tequila, Dos Locos is the totally official pre-mixed beverage of choice for those looking get loco.


440ml can. 7% Alc./vol.

Sweet & tangy lime taste with a smooth, real tequila finish

440ml can. 7% Alc./vol.

A bold combination of refreshing orange flavour and real tequila


Orange, Mango + Pineapple
4 X 300mL can. 4.5% alc./vol.

A tropical combination of orange, mango and pineapple with a slight peppery finish

Strawberry + Lime
4 X 300mL can. 4.5% alc./vol.

A balanced combination of strawberry and lime with a slight peppery finish

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